Boho Beach Bash

Boho Chic Beach Bash

 Planning a teen party can be somewhat challenging.  There are many things to consider.  When I asked my daughter Bella what she wanted to do for her 15th, she replied, " I want a sunset beach party!"  I of course was thrilled!  I have been wanting to plan a beach party for sometime and this was the perfect opportunity to do it.  I just had to cross my fingers that the weather would cooperate! 

Modern Rocker Birthday

Let's ROCK!

 "Let's ROCK!"  is what my son said when I asked him what kind of birthday he wanted for his 11th!
I LOVED it!  And since his instrument of choice is the drums, I decided to keep that the focus and design everything around that.

Preppy Spring Par-Tea

A Modern Spring Par-Tea!

Could it be Spring?

The buds are blossoming … flowers are poppin’ and the birds are a chirpin’.  
It is Spring! 

What better way to celebrate this magnificent time of year than to throw a sweet little Par-Tea…Preppy style of course!

"Tutu Fluff" Favor Jar DIY


This "Tutu Fluff" Favor Jar will have your little guests twirling for joy!  And they are a cinch to put together!

Ornament Cup DIY

This Ornament Cup DIY is super easy and adds the perfect amount of fun, whimsy and elegance to any Holiday celebration!

A Sugar Plum Soiree

    I absolutely LOVE the holidays and all the wonderfully magical things that come along with it.  I have always adored the story of the Nutcracker and knew that styling a party around this theme was a must do, so when my daughter fell in love this past year with a book called Tallulah’s Nutcracker, I knew this would be the perfect theme for her 6th birthday party!

Mingle & Jingle Christmas Card Addressing Luncheon

Is it just me, or are you always frantically addressing your Christmas cards a couple days before Christmas along with the million other things you still need to get done?  This year I decided to take a little stress out of the Holiday season and invite some girlfriends over for a Mingle & Jingle Christmas Card Addressing Party!  A Ladie's Luncheon seemed perfect!  It could even take place during a weekday while all the kiddos are in school.  You can address your Christmas cards, laugh and chat, all while eating  yummy food and treats!  Sounds like a win, win for all!!