Enchanted Four-est Tea Party!

Talula's Enchanted Four-est Tea Party!

    My daughter Talula was turning 4 and I wanted to come up with a birthday theme she would absolutely LOVE!  I also had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Tiny Prints and incorporate some of their fabulous products into this most magical of parties!
    It all started with Talula's love for squirrels and bunnies and a lovely blue and pink floral Ralph Lauren dress.  And what little girl doesn't love a tea party!  That was the inspiration, and with that...Talula's Enchanted Four-est Tea Party was born!
    Like always, I started by designing the invitation and party printables.  I decided on a cobalt blue, bright pink, olive green, birch bark and sparkly gold color palette.  The invitation turned out simply stunning!  I used the most adorable panoramic picture of Miss Talula peeking out from behind a tree in a magical forest-like setting, added the cobalt blue, floral, and birch accents and ...wah-la!  My favorite design to date was created!  Then by carrying the elements from the invitation throughout the party allowed everything to stay cohesive.

    Upon arrival, the guests were greeted by a darling mounted print hung on the front door with gorgeous green linen ribbon, featuring the birthday girl herself!  It said "Welcome to Talula's Enchanted Four-est Tea Party!" Super cute!  Each little guest got a precious antique gold lace crown placed upon their heads and were led into the enchanted tea party.


  The dessert table was actually a lovely white dresser adorned with a colorful bunting I made using the newest collection of Buttercream quilting fabrics from Joann's. They matched perfectly!
The backdrop was a dainty, ruffled white drape. For the centerpiece, I hung from green ribbon, a beautiful 16x20 customized canvas print of the birthday girl in the forest. (The same picture from the invitation)  And to add a little extra sparkle, I painted the edges of the canvas antique gold.  This was another of the many items from Tiny Prints incorporated into the decor!
    Set-up in front of the dessert table was a gorgeously set petite oval table surrounded by adorable mushroom stools just their size.  Hanging above the table was a fir tree branch, finger-knitted ombré yarn moss and tissue balls to complete the enchanted forest theme.
    Some of my favorite charming woodland details had to be the delectably sweet birch bark and floral two-tiered cake, the wood sliced pedestal displays, the favor bag containing a personalized woodland creature notebook and stick colored pencils, and last but not least, the fabulous woodland play-space I created using super sweet custom pillows adorned with squirrels, bunnies, hedgehogs and birch!  Who knew Tiny Prints had pillows too!
     They have so many products like these that you can easily incorporate into all your parties and gatherings to give them that extra pop of fabulous!
    I do hope you find much inspiration and ideas from this magical party to use in your next event or gathering! Check out all the lovely photos of the party below!

  I hope you loved this party as much as I did! You can also check out what Kara from Kara's Party Ideas had to say about it on her blog right HERE!

Vendor Credits:
Tiny Prints (pillows, canvas prints, mounted prints, notebook favor)
Party Styling: A Lovely Design
Photos: A Lovely Design
Cake and Sweets: A Lovely Design
Invitation and Printables: A Lovely Design

Our 2015 Christmas Cards

  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Christmas cards this year! I just got them in the mail from tinyprints.  They had so many great options to choose from and I love how custom they turned out!  I think my favorite part, however, has to be the personalized stamps!  So cute! They were super easy to create and tinyprints is running some amazing discounts right now!

    In the past, I have always done a professional photo shoot, but with our hectic schedule this year, I wasn't able to fit one in; so instead I decided to use pictures I had taken from a trip we took to Oregon this past September.  Luckily, I LOVE taking pictures, and I had enough pictures to choose from to create my card. 
    Now, all I have to do is address them all!  Wish me luck!

Under the Sea

Mary-Lou's Under the Sea Party!
      When my good friend Katie asked me to co-style her daughters Under the Sea party, I jumped at the chance!  I've been wanting to design party printables for an Under the Sea theme and this was the perfect opportunity!
     The color palette we chose was turquoise, pale purple, white and glittery silver.  I then designed the adorable invitation and party printables, including a fabulous 20x30 poster that was the centerpiece of the sweet, ruffled backdrop.  Keeping with the Under the Sea theme; we couldn't think of a better place to have this lovely party than at the local swimming pool!
     As all the guests arrived, they were given a glittery lace crown to wear along with a lovely pearl necklace made from pearly gumballs!  They then all sat down at a beautifully decorated table for a scrumptious lunch followed by delicious cupcakes and some super fun party games!  Then it was off to the pool!
     Some of my favorite details of this adorable party were the precious lace crowns adorned with seashells and pearls, the magical starfish wands, and all the creatively delicious food Katie made for the kiddos and the adults.
     This party was so much fun to co-design and execute and  I'm thrilled that I got the opportunity to add another lovely design to my ETSY shoppe! Check out all the fabulous pictures below!

I hope you found some wonderful inspiration for your next party!

                                You can find the Party Printables on my ETSY Shoppe HERE: