Tennis Anyone?

A Tennis Birthday!

When your Step-Dad is coming out for a visit AND turning 79 years old.... what do you do?  ...You throw him a party!!  And when his favorite sport is tennis....why you throw him a Tennis themed birthday party!

And that's exactly what I did! 
My inspiration for this party came to me one day when I was shopping in one of my favorite stores (Home Goods) and came across a darling little package of tennis ball gumballs.  I knew right then and there that the theme would most definitely be...TENNIS!

I kept the decor quite simple and put the focus more on the cake and the food.  What I did put up for decoration though was a simple blank white canvas for a backdrop and hung a colorful tissue tassel garland from it made up of different shades of greens, navy blue and white which added just the right amount of pizzazz to make it feel like a celebration!

Now when it came to the food, I knew that a couple Charcuterie platters would definitely be the perfect choice.  They are always such a great option for just about any occasion.  They not only look beautiful, they give your guests so many wonderful selections to choose from and they allow everyone to socialize while casually grazing on the delicious platters of yumminess!

The cake was definitely the centerpiece of the table! It was 6 layers of delicious lemon and key-lime cake filled with Bavarian cream, finished with a buttercream frosting and drizzled with white chocolate ganache! I loved using the tennis ball gumballs as decor too!  Such a sweet touch!

This party turned out great!  Not too over the top, not too fancy,..... just right for a guy's 79th birthday!

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Party Styling , cake and photography: A Lovely Design

Tissue Tassel: Glamfete

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