Murder Mystery Dinner Party!

"Clue" Inspired Murder Mystery Dinner Party

     My oldest daughter Mia was turning 14!  I still can't believe it.  Fourteen...where does the time go?  As usual, I'm always trying to come up with a theme that is both unique and that they will love.  And being that she was turning fourteen, I knew that the party needed to have a level of maturity to it but still be loads of fun!  We came up with the idea for the party while playing one of her favorite games one evening.  The six iconic characters of the classic board game "CLUE" served as the perfect inspiration for this glamorous Murder Mystery Dinner Party!

     I wanted the color palette to be very rich and glamorous so I ultimately decided on jewel tones mixed with hints of gold and white and of course elements of  Mia's chosen character... Miss Peacock.

     The invitation and printables were so much fun to design. I love how they turned out! I created a tri-fold design and inside the invitation, each girl would discover which character they would portray at the party! Along with the invitation,  I also created custom "Clue" game cards and room signs so that the girls could actually play the game live throughout the different rooms in the house!

    What girl doesn't like the opportunity to dress to the nine?  They had so much fun wearing their fancy dresses and role playing as their chosen character during dinner and throughout the evening.

     I kept the decor simple yet classy. I didn't want it to feel too over the top as I wanted them to feel like they were just at a fancy dinner party!  For the centerpiece, I clustered a grouping of jewel colored glass vases of different shaped and sizes and filled them with gorgeous flowers and added a cluster of jewel toned tissue poms above the table.  We served the girls a lovely 5 course dinner to give them plenty of time to role play and have fun becoming their characters.

     After the game was played BUT before the mystery was solved, the girls sat in the "parlor" trying to solve it while enjoying the delicious  desserts of mini cupcakes, yummy sugar cookies, delectable brownies and a cake from Frosted that was "to die for!"

     The girls spent the rest of the evening grabbing props and striking poses in the ever so popular photo booth I created!

     It just goes to show that inspiration for your next party can come from anywhere.  Who knew that a family game of "Clue" would have inspired such a delightfully fun birthday party idea!
     I hope you found plenty of inspiration to use for your next party!